Real Talk: I Bought the Bag I Thought I Wanted, But Now Another Bag Comes In a Version I Love More


By now, you guys are probably so sick of hearing about my bag woes, but don’t discount me just yet, because I bet there are so many of you who have been in the same boat as I am right now. You think and think and think some more about your next big bag buy, over-analyze every minute detail, from the brand and the price down to the color and the size. Then, when you finally make up your mind and pull the trigger, something else comes along that you love more, but suddenly it’s too late. It took me over a year to decide that I finally wanted to commit to the Gucci Marmont Bag. I purchased it, immediately went home and threw my stuff inside, and didn’t look back. My friends all wanted to know if I was happy with my choice, and I really was! It wasn’t quite a love-at-first-sight situation, but instead I thought about my purchase from a practical standpoint as well. And once I started using my bag, I fell in love with it more and more.

One bag that I did have an immediate attraction to was the Gucci Ophidia Bag. In fact, at one point I was 99.9% sure that I was going to make it mine, but there was one major thing that was holding me back—it wasn’t black. While I already have a pretty impressive collection of bags, both those that I bought myself, a few I acquired while interning, and a bunch I was lucky enough to be gifted, one thing that my collection was seriously lacking was a classic black bag, so ultimately I decided on the Marmont in black. While it’s certainly on trend, I felt that a flap bag in black was classic enough to use for seasons to come. The Ophidia felt timeless to me in its own way, because it gives off such a vintage vibe, but I couldn’t get over the fact that it just wasn’t black. Had I already had a great black bag in my rotation, I definitely would have snagged the Ophidia over the Marmont.

Yesterday I was going about my normal Monday morning routine, which very often means checking the new arrivals on my favorite shopping sites. Perusing the internet’s most current offerings isn’t just a fun, time-sucking habit, but its part of my job. First my heart went pitter patter and then it straight-up stopped when I saw the Gucci Ophidia Bag in Black. While the bag isn’t leather—it’s suede—I’m obsessed with it. I need it. The only problem is, I can’t buy it! For a second I wanted to cry, and then I even thought about trying to sell my Marmont, but finally I talked myself down off the ledge. The timing here just wasn’t right, so I guess maybe the Ophidia just wasn’t meant to be, but I still have this gnawing feeling in my stomach that I’m going to regret not having it. If the timing is right for you, and you’re in the market for a new bag then you can snag this new black version of The Ophidia GG Small Shoulder Bag for $1,750 via Gucci.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever finally pulled the trigger, and then a bag you loved more seemed to materialize out of nowhere?

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New arrivals: Gucci's exclusive Net-a-Porter capsule collection is here
New arrivals: Gucci’s exclusive Net-a-Porter capsule collection is here

For the first time, Net-a-Porter has collaborated with Italian fashion brand Gucci for an exclusive capsule collection comprising of 20 pieces. Creative director Alessandro Michele was inspired by 19th century tapestry for a unique rose print adorning clothing, shoes and handbags. From the dreamy silk printed blouse to canvas sneakers and a new ‘Dionysus’ handbag, these whimsical styles are perfect for the new season. See more of the Gucci collection below and shop more on

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Gucci Adonis Floral Print Silk-Twill Scarf
Gucci Adonis Floral Print Silk-Twill Scarf
Gucci Dionysus Medium Floral Print Leather Shoulder Bag
Gucci Dionysus Medium Floral Print Leather Shoulder Bag
Gucci Floral Applique Wool Skirt
Gucci Floral Applique Wool Skirt
Gucci Pussy Willow Floral Print Blouse
Gucci Pussy Willow Floral Print Blouse
Gucci Floral Print Silk Pleated Skirt
Gucci Floral Print Silk Pleated Skirt
Gucci New Ace Floral Print Textured Sneaker
Gucci New Ace Floral Print Textured Sneaker
Gucci Floral Print Textured Leather Pumps
Gucci Floral Print Textured Leather Pumps
Gucci Heart Print Leather Trim Jacquard Jacket
Gucci Heart Print Leather Trim Jacquard Jacket

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Let’s talk about shoes a little bit.

And we all know that Gucci has plenty of gorgeous shoes and honestly, too many to name here.

We’ve read that the latest fashion is not about ‘oversized’ logos on clothes, bags and shoes anymore, they’re just not in anymore. People do not want large logo names on their fashion pieces. Perhaps simplicity would work, like Celine’s style.

But take us to another question. How about iconic prints? You know like Louis Vuitton Monogram print? Or this Gucci GG Canvas Print on your shoes? Would you love that?

The Gucci GG Supreme Sandals are somewhat sophisticated for this collection. Designed in tri-colors – pink, purple and red…and covered with the iconic GG print on the straps. It feels a bit playful if you ask me. But the colors are bright enough to help you get through the summer.

Made with three straps, refined with patent leather covered buttons. The heels are 110mm, priced at €650 euro via Gucci store. But what do you think? Are they worth the investment?






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Gucci Turnaround Tote


gucci_turnaround-toteAnd the mystery is solved. What I referred to as the I-forgot-its-name tote last Saturday on Instagram, which I spotted at Gucci Paragon, is actually the new Gucci Turnaround Tote that’s part of the Holiday 2014 Gucci collection. Recently launched in Singapore, it is exactly what the name implies, a tote that can be ‘turned around’, or in professional speak, reversed.

Made almost entirely of leather (there’s the GG monogram on one side and a polished, slightly grained surface on the other in either Red or White), it is also extremely structured which keeps it always looking smart, super lightweight which is always a bonus and depending on which size you pick, you can either carry it handheld or over the shoulder.

The only downside? There isn’t a zip on the top, which could be an issue for those iffy about keeping their personals secure when they are out and about. The easy solution? Get a bag organiser to keep everything safe or do what I do and use a smaller drawstring dust bag as my bag-within-the-bag.

Priced at SGD1260, SGD1630 and SGD1870 respectively for the sizes in PM, MM and GM, I was so convinced by how easy it was to use, how fuss-free keeping it clean would be and of course, that gorgeous bright red, that an aunt with her birthday just around the corner will be getting one as a gift soon.

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Literary girl’s time capsule Gucci handbags new Padlock Series



Gucci Padlock series handbags, chic, its inspiration comes from the old lock on suitcase, pretty retro shape with exquisite metal clasp, like a time capsule like Colorful eye-catching.

Unlock the lock, as if the former Jiguangpianyu quietly reproduction, hang some flies, telling the good beginning of the heart remains the sam

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Top 8 Timeless Gucci Loafers

For over 60 years, the iconic Gucci Loafer has been adorning the feet of dapper men the world over, from Gordon Gecko to the mob, loafers have always attracted all walks of life. Launched in 1953, they soon gained adoration from Hollywood stars and its jet set status was assured. Big name stars such as John Wayne and Frank Sinatra could be named among fans of the Gucci loafer.

Yet, over the years they have fallen in and out of favour in the fashion spotlight on more than one occasion, yet despite this, they still keep coming back with slight variations to keep them fresh, differing heel heights, toe shape alterations or bolder colours, but one thing stayed and that is the fact that they were unmistakably Gucci. Perhaps this time they will be here to stay?

The Gucci loafer, with its now infamous horse bit detailing, are all handmade in near Florence in Italy for that guarantee of expert craftsmanship. As a luxury shoe, the Gucci Loafer is also about comfort as well as style, coming in a range of colours and exotic materials such as ostrich and lizard. There is certainly a pair to suit every possible outfit or occasion. A male fashion blog must have!

Ostrich Horsebit Loafer

Gucci Ostrich Horsebit Loafer

Leather Loafer With Web Detail

Gucci Leather Loafer With Web Detail

1953 Horsebit Loafer In Leather

Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer In Bordeux Red Leather


Leather Horsebit Loafer Slingback

Gucci Leather Horsebit Loafer With Folded Heel


Suede Horsebit Loafer

Gucci Dark Brown Suede Horsebit Loafer


1953 Horsebit Loafer Collection For Men

Gucci 1953 Horsebit Studded Loafer


Men's Lizard Horsebit Loafer

Gucci Mens’ Lizard Horsebit Loafer


Men's Leather Horsebit Loafer

Gucci Blue Leather Horsebit Loafer With Web Detail

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