The new aesthetics Gucci Dionysus Dionysus city limited edition handbags

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Creative director Alessandro Michele Since taking office, the spirit of contemporary philosophy, beyond the conventional, open a new chapter for the brand. Gucci handbags The new Icon –Dionysus handbag named Dionysus, will represent one of the gods in Greek mythology, Dionysus’s own personality into the design, displaying unique new aesthetics.

Gucci handbags Dionysus Dionysus most distinctive hallmark is the central section of the package front fine egg charming double tiger buckle. This unique design inspired by the details, from the Greek Dionysus story. He turned into the legendary tiger, with young fairy crossing the Tigris. Bacchus handbags a launch would soon become the most famous brand new design.

Global cities have played Dionysian hymn, and is now the launch of nine world-renowned cities, especially handbags, only limited edition in the city. Bacchus Milan handbags limited edition was sold in December, the first to Milan, eight other cities include: Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.

Bacchus city limited edition handbags using GG Supreme material, each bag have adopted the custom of decoration, decoration on the limited edition handbags Bacchus Milan butterflies, flowers, and heart-shaped pattern, Dubai paragraph is decorated starfish and dragonfly, London models decorated with snakes, roses and butterflies.

Each handbags are lined with leather collage decorative pattern of bees and handbags which representatives of city names. Each handbags collage of different colors are used – Milan is dark orange, rose in Tokyo, New York bright purple, light blue green Rome, Dubai is green, burgundy Hong Kong, Paris white, red Shanghai London blue.

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Saint Laurent Debutes ‘Blogger Bag’, One of Its Most Affordable Handbags

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When you’re a blogger, there are a select few things that you can never leave at home, no matter the circumstances. Such include your phone (or two), your keys, and money or cards – but that list today isn’t far from what everyone else carries around. One of Saint Laurent‘s least expensive bags is just large enough to fit the products mentioned above, and, according to Amanda Mull, a purse blogger, this has been dubbed theSaint Laurent “Blogger Bag.”

Saint Laurent The Blogger Bag

There are a myriad of other things people like to carry in their bags, but this really knocks it down to bear the essentials in what is naturally a stylish form, as will always be expected from the luxury fashion brand. Now, we know with luxury comes a price, so the bag isn’tactually inexpensive, with a price of $995, but it is a large fall from the other Saint Laurent handbag options, which come in anywhere from $1,500 and $2,700. For its practical purposes, its fabulous style, and for the iconic YSL logo, the price is actually a steal.

The appearance is that of a mini shoulder bag, which is already a go-to piece for a street style blogger, but with the addition of the prestigious name turning up the heat here. The Saint Laurent Blogger bags come in three colors: black, powder pink, and sky blue. The dimensions of the compact handbag is 4.7 inches wide by 2.1 inches thick, so the bag is literally just large enough to pack those essentials as listed above. The bag is also adorned with a large white fringe charm that is almost too large for its own good – it is even nearly as long as the entire bag.

Bloggers who buy the bag can be assured of one thing: no matter what color they choose, it will be totally photogenic, to the fullest extent. The shades all remain rather neutral, so no matter what filter is needed to finish up the shot, the bag will look stunning too. It would make a great accessory when worn on the arm for a selfie, or perhaps even in the background of a table shot – because we all know that one blogger who can’t resist taking a food pic before actually eating it!

There are already many style shots of the Saint Laurent Blogger bags posted on Instagram, thanks to the many style bloggers who have already found it to be of great use, so you can use the social media platform to find beauty inspiration for the time between placing your order and the time you are able to don it for yourself.

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Literary girl’s time capsule Gucci handbags new Padlock Series



Gucci Padlock series handbags, chic, its inspiration comes from the old lock on suitcase, pretty retro shape with exquisite metal clasp, like a time capsule like Colorful eye-catching.

Unlock the lock, as if the former Jiguangpianyu quietly reproduction, hang some flies, telling the good beginning of the heart remains the sam

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New Arrivals Michael Kors Handbags Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

The American designer Michael Kors presents the latest arrivals handbags spring/summer 2015 collection – various lines of signature bags from satchel, tote, messenger, crossbody to shoulder bags and other refined leather goods defined by classic elegance and glamorous touch on every item. Devoted to accomplish women’s new season wardrobe, find out here on Fashionbashon the prices and fascinating details featured on these must-have iconic accessories!

Michael Kors Bags Spring/Summer 2015: Jet Set top-zip tote

From the latest arrivals Michael Kors handbags spring/summer 2015 collection of course you will not miss the practicality and sophistication of Jet Set Leather Tote ($173.60 – $248.00) crafted in saffiano leather available in several color options; red, peanut, orange, claret, brown, beige and navy blue featuring sporty elegant shape with functional adjustable double top-handle, side pockets, to-zip and glam metallic charm MK logo carved in gold finished tone. From the Jet Set series we find also an opulent Crossbody Bag ($74.00) in metallic bronze saffiano leather with chain and leather shoulder strap in matching colors, a real fabulous accessory to keep your essentials well organized and for those who love to move on, the designer Travel Studded Backpack ($298.00) is a perfect choice, available in black embellished with silver studs featuring simple yet understated design to carry in practical way.

Michael Kors Bags Spring/Summer 2015: Dillon embossed leather tote

In addition to the Jet Set lines, the collection of Michael Michael Kors handbags spring/summer 2015 also shows theDillon series. From the newest arrivals of the designer, we find an exotic touch through Large Embossed-Leather Tote($199.00 – $398.00) crafted in glossy croc textured leather in raspberry, yellow, walnut and black featuring roomy interior with chic rounded top handle and removable strap to stay elegant while practically carry more essentials. As alternative to the croc version, you can also opt for a capacious tote in smooth textured saffiano leather version ($348.00) available in vibrant red, sky blue, black and navy with gold tone finished hardware to give a luxury accent. To complete your new season accessories closet, the Dillon also comes up with fascinating satchel styles which are offered in croc embossed ($348.00) and textured saffino leather ($348.00) in various colors to match your seasonal clothes from your wardrobe.

Michael Kors Bags Spring/Summer 2015: Camden Metallic Leather Crossbody

Among the new lines of Michael Kors handbags spring/summer 2015 collection, the Selma Studded Messenger ($129.00 – $250.00) is also one of the iconic items to be in your closet. The Selma messenger is made of supple saffiano leather in optic white, raspberry, navy and elegant black featuring classic refined shape trimmed with glamour touch of shiny gold studs and adjustable shoulder strap for an edgy yet feminine look in any occasions. Another statement-making option is also a Camden Metallic Leather Crossbody ($195.00) in glossy bronze with drawstring cord, tassels and other glam metallic hardware in matching tones while to give a luxurious vibe to your look, of course you cannot miss also the designer Miranda Extra-Small Leather Tote ($556.50 – $795.00) featuring chic retro concept crafted in smooth calf leather available in lemon, walnut, black and luggage for a distinctive mood throughout the new season.

Those are among the most intriguing accessories selection of the brand we present here on Fashionbashon with the eye-catching feature details and price for each item. There are many other must-have accessories with thought-provoking styles and available in various lines of lively and glam colors shown on the latest collection. Browse and shop the luxe leather goods at official store of the new arrivals Michael Kors handbags spring/summer 2015!

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Marc Jacobs Accessories Offering Prices Under $500

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Marc Jacobs is experimenting with his identity again, and this time it’s resulting in some exceptional accessories. The designer is now managing only one brand, but is still showcasing looks at different price points, so looking fabulous doesn’t have to come at such high a cost. We’re now being presented with edgy Marc Jacobs handbags, with most being sold for under $500. Sebastian Suhl, CEO for the Marc Jacobs label, believes the leather goods alone will be able to reach up to 70 percent of overall sales for the brand once this transition into featuring more accessories has been set in stone.

Marc Jacobs Accessories Offering Prices Under $500

“Accessories are our biggest category without question – they are a top priority from a business perspective,” said Sebastian Suhl, CEO for Marc Jacobs, in an interview with WWD. Up until now, 60 percent has been the accessory sale ratio for the label, but Suhl seems confident that everything will increase soon.

And if he is correct, those figures would actually surpass that of Michael Kors’ accessory sales, which rang in for 2015 at 68.4 percent. This heavy focus on accessories is a new endeavor for the brand, but there’s a chance this might also be the first step toward an initial public offering, which might have us see Jacobs alongside Kors on the stock market.

Despite what lies in the brand’s future, in the present we have the stylishly innovative designs coming from Marc Jacobs. The first collection featuring the condensed labeling and restructured prices was released to stores just last week, and everything was polished off with a fresh new logo to rejuvenate everything the brand is about. Suhl disclosed that out of all spring accessories this season, 70 percent of them can be found for under $500, which is the target low-point trend of the restructured brand, and other more intricate and exotic pieces can be found for upwards of $5,000. The different products aren’t separated by price within the Marc Jacobs stores, which helps promote the new structure based around unity.

In stores as part of the newest Marc Jacobs accessory collection are leather satchels, camera bags, and shoulder bags ranging from $295 to $550, or for those looking to treat themselves, there is a particular aged python shoulder bag that is being sold for $5,500. The new logo features two “J”-s connected in a loop, which is now the branding movement for “J Marc,” the label’s new identifier. “It doesn’t look like a logo per se; it’s an interesting, simple embellishment,” explained Suhl.

Jacobs took the time to explain some of the designs as well. “We approached everything – shoes, bags – in the same way. They needed to have an authenticity and integrity of what they should be. Everything is very considered. From the sole of a shoe to the stitching on the sole of a shoe, and it doesn’t matter whether it was a shoe made in China or a shoe embroidered in France and made in Italy. There was the same amount of attention to detail in every single thing.”

In this way, the brand is able to easily delegate what pieces are valued at a higher price than others. It’s not that a $5,000 bag will look like a more expensive version of a $300 bag, but as with anything, you get what you pay for. Suhl brought about a succinct analogy for the accessories in this structure, saying they are like the car industry. “…you have one [model] for $200,000 with one next to it priced at $30,000. If you do it right, it should be obvious why one is more expensive than the other.”

One thing the CEO wanted to make clear was that “this is not what other brands are doing.” The brand has set a demographic that tends to flock to Marc Jacobs, and it is simply tailoring to their needs and standards, while not giving up the brand’s personal image. This new business venture might prove to be more successful than Marc by Marc Jacobs was, perhaps because of its increased unity, so maybe J Marc will be here to stay.

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Is This Ralph Lauren Ricky the Future of Handbags?

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Ralph Lauren Ricky with Light and USB

There is only so much you can do with a handbag, which is why finding a great design when it comes to aesthetic, quality and price is so important. The vast majority of the time, designers are not looking to reinvent the handbag or what it means to consumers. Ralph Lauren is on the cutting edge when it comes to social media and technology, and now the brand is bringing a little of that to one of its bags.

The iconic Ralp Lauren Ricky bag is now available in a version with four LED lights that activate when the bag is opened, as well as an integrated USB port to charge your mobile phone while you’re on the go.

The bag has a snapped pocket at the back wall and an internal battery at the front wall, and a leather-covered button displays the internal battery-power reserve when pressed. The interior leather flap contains the LED lights, which are activated when the flap is lifted. As for the USB port, it’s at the front wall of the interior and will charge mobile phones with a micro USB port at the front wall that charges the bag’s internal battery. Other than the tech updates, the bag remains the same, with smooth calfskin and a contrast purple lining, also in calfskin.

Ralph Lauren Ricky with Light and USB 1

I’m so intrigued by this bag, and I’m hoping I can get a sample to try it out and report back. I want to see if this works well, if it makes the bag heavier and if the lights are helpful, as well as seeing if it feels like the way designers will be moving in the future.

For now, this is the first of its kind from a well-known designer, and the price reflects it. I’m hoping the price will come down, because I can’t imagine many people splurging on a couple LED lights and a USB charger for 100% price bump. This Ricky will set you back $5,000, while the ‘regular’ version of this size is only $2,500.

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